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“Release the Past, Empower the Present, Move into the Future”

Dear friends,
I’m Susan and I want to assure you that your life is beautiful and whatever difficulties you’re experiencing are temporary even if you feel they are overwhelming. I am here to help guide you through what you are facing so you can start living a pain free and healthy life.

As your life can be blessed with abundant happiness, the shadows of great sadness and uncertainty that also come, can leave you helpless in your pain and confusion. These trying times can be the result of…
… loss of a loved one. Moving on with our lives while honoring those who have left can feel insurmountable.
… the need and hunger for a deeper relationship with those close to you.
… fear for your physical well-being and health.
… doubt about an important cross road in your career

In our session I use my spirit guide and personal angels to:
* Conduct Psychic Readings to connect you to those living beyond when possible as well as those here on earth. A powerful closure and letting go and healing.
* Use of Chakra Teachings to find and remove any “blocks” in your physical being to allow your healing to take place between the body and spiritual self.

The result is leaving a session with…
* New and deeper peace in your daily life and freedom from past pain that held you down.
* Answers to important questions that removed blocks in your life
* A confident pathway to a bright and deserving life.

Susan Hansen





Metaphysical Messages




I’m here for you.

If you find that you have a chronic or recurring physical or emotional issue which has not been helped by modern means, please contact the office for help and information.

Days: Tuesday – Saturday
(Closed Sunday/Monday)

Hours: 9 AM to 4 PM
(depending on the need, there is some flexibility)

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